Organisational development

What impressed you most yesterday?

If you were to describe your organisation, what would be the first thing that comes to mind?

Who would like to see the change?

The systemic approach gives us the idea that we operate in different systems. And that our thoughts, actions and feelings always have an influence on everything around us. If we are aware of this, we can take our lives into our own hands with mindfulness and clarity and enter into change processes with enthusiasm.

Processes need time and space in order to lay a good foundation for mutual trust, create transparency and Establish appreciation. Collectively gather ideas for taking stock, new impulses, a change or a new beginning needs the courage to change perspectives.

I offer you a realistic period of time in which your organisation can be developed, revised or reinvented.

For me, this includes

  • creating a protected framework
  • giving impulses at the “right” moment
  • the courage to put changes into practice, with yourself, in your company

Time frame and costs
Individual agreement with you and your organisation (time frame, location and costs).

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