Supervision _EN

What impetus for change did you have?

Did it trigger a process?

I would like to accompany this process.

I work with individuals, teams or institutions in individual supervision, team supervision or group supervision.

  • In a professional context, individual supervision offers, self-reflection, to discover new resources and to expand your own room for manoeuvre.
  • In team supervision, all those involved in a team are addressed. I offer a protected framework in which different perspectives, feelings and expectations can be heard, feelings and expectations are heard and have their justification.
  • Group supervision often brings together people from different work contexts who are pursuing a similar goal or topic.
    The viewpoint of strangers often opens up new opportunities to adopt and accept different and new perspectives.
    The emotional distance creates a space to address some things that seem more difficult to name in a familiar context.
  • Case supervision can be used in all three of these settings. Case supervision relates to the family, the child or the group I am working with.

Systemic methods are the guided, resource- and process-orientated conversation which can be enriched with different methods: e.g. the reflective team, goal framing, organisation chart, genogram, scultures and constellation work …

I see my task as
* to create a safe and protected framework
* to allow space for all differences and similarities
* to be an honest listener
* to accompany conflicts well
* to give impulses at the “right” moment

Time frame and costs
Individual agreement on the organisation (time frame, location) and costs.

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