Coaching _EN

In coaching, I accompany all people on their personal and professional journey through life.

This can be

  • guidance,
  • reviewing and reflecting on work processes
  • and/or reorientation
  • conflict resolution,
  • team building and development,
  • developing organisational structures,
  • leadership qualities
  • and much more…

Every person has their own story and their own perception, and therefore often their own concerns.

I see my role as accompanying, stimulating, solution-orientated and broadening perspectives in all individual, team and artistic processes. Constructive support, looking positively at strengths and making them shine!

I offer you
* to be an honest listener
* to give impulses at the “right” moment
* and the courage to put changes into practice with yourself or in your company

Individually, I also offer breathing exercises, energy or body work for solution processes, for nature-loving people forest and nature as a process space such as paths that can be designed acoustically, haptically and visually.

Time frame and costs
Individual agreements on the time frame, location and costs.

Please enquire at contact