Karla Katja Leisen_EN

I have been supporting and advising people in various situations, processes and circumstances since 1998 as a qualified educationalist, drama teacher, systemic consultant and systemic supervisor, coach* and organisational developer.

My experience is that in certain situations it is helpful to have an outside perspective, to get support and not have to go through certain processes alone.

I am happy to support you in person or digitally – and I am happy to come to you or provide a suitable room for you, a team or a group.

I will advise you,

  • professionally
  • with heart and mind
  • with joy and consistency
  • individually
  • sustainable and appreciative
  • creatively and competently.

The systemic approach gives me the idea that we move in different systems. And that our thoughts, actions and feelings always have an influence on everything around us. If we are aware of this, we can take control of our lives with mindfulness and clarity.

Processes need time and space.

I offer a protected framework in which everything can be negotiated. Each person brings their own story and their own perception, and therefore often their own concerns.

I see my role as accompanying, stimulating, solution-orientated and broadening perspectives in all individual, team or artistic processes.

I would like to accompany you constructively, look positively at your strengths and make them shine!